Compass Theatre, Ickenham have socially distanced classes, comedy nights in the gardens and theatre workshops planned for the summer holidays. The Sep-Dec 2021 season at Compass is growing but Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip will continue to serve as a vaccination site until further notice.

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Seat Sponsorship


A plaque with dedication will be fixed to the seat, for a minimum of 5 years. Funds raised go to Friends of Ickenham Hall for vital repairs, conservation and restoration work at Ickenham Hall and Compass Theatre.

£100 + vat  | 01895 250615 Terms of Sponsorship

Our thanks go to our current Sponsors;

Linda for dedicating B10 to Paul Martin Andrews, Pastiche Musical Theatre for dedicating B15 to Jean Hobson, St Helen’s College for C9, Tall Stories for C10, Maurice Ray for D10, Rita Ray for D10, Janet Smith for D15, Kathleen for dedicating E9 to Stuart Smith, Matt Bateman for E11, Judy Kelly for E15, the Ickenham Festival Committee for F3, Big Wooden Horse for F7 and 8, Jim for dedicating F9 to Annette O’Connor, David Kemp for F10, E Hughes for dedicating F14 to Edward Bankin and F15 to Irene Bankin, Brian for dedicating G3 to Hilda Alberry, Sylvia Taylor for G9, Melinda Shepherd for G16 and to Beatrice Holloway for dedicating H15 to Denis Holloway.

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