ROOF REPAIRS AT COMPASS THEATRE From March 2017, there are repair works being done to the roof of Compass Theatre. We are still open for business but there are fewer car park spaces. Please allow plenty of time to find parking or come by public transport.

Shows and Concerts


This page includes links to forms we need you to complete so we can prepare for your event. You will need to have your booking number to hand. This is included in the email we sent letting you know we'd added your event to our diary. If you don't have a booking yet, please contact us using this Enquiry Form

Once we've emailed to say your event is in our diary...

Click here to DOWNLOAD and READ the TERMS and CONDITIONS of HIRE

Click here to ACCEPT the TERMS and CONDITIONS of HIRE

Hires are not confirmed until we have this acceptance or your deposit is paid.

Before going on sale...

Click here to submit your PUBLIC INFORMATION form

            More publicity information and brochure deadlines can be found here

Click here to submit your TICKETING form

           More ticketing information can be found here

6 weeks before your event...

Click here to submit your FRONT OF HOUSE form

Click here to submit your COMPASS THEATRE TECHNICAL form

Click here to submit your WINSTON CHURCHILL THEATRE TECHNICAL form

A few days before your event...

Click here if you need help compiling your RISK ASSESMENT
We need you to have risk assessed your event before you can start using the space. If you prefer to use your own format, please email your completed risk assessment to

Just after your event...

Click here to submit your PRS declaration for LIVE MUSIC
Click here to submit your PRS and PPL declaration for RECORDED MUSIC
These need to be submitted even if you haven't used live or recorded music, within one week of the end of your event. We cannot refund your deposit until this is completed.

Click here to submit your BOX OFFICE declaration and FEEDBACK
Once your event is complete, please let us know how it went and give us feedback.

If your contact details go out of date...

Click here to submit your CONTACT DETAILS
Please fill this in if we don't already have your contact details, or if your contacts have changed since your last booking.

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