Socially distanced performing arts classes for children return to Compass Theatre w/c 19 April 2021. The Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip and the Beck Theatre in Hayes remain closed until further notice.

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Costumes for Hire


Looking for Costumes or Fancy Dress?  The Compass Theatre has a wonderful selection of costumes and accessories for hire with over 3,000 items to suit every occasion and is staffed by volunteers who have a great deal of experience in costume hire.

The Wardrobe opens on Wednesday evenings (except in school holidays), between 8pm and 9.30pm. Outside of these times, enquiries can be made by email to our senior wardrobe volunteer -

Hire period

The hire period is for up to one week from date of collection. If you need longer please agree a return week with the Wardrobe team. Wardrobe items can only be hired or returned during opening hours.

Hire charges

  • Adults' costumes: £15 per week
  • Children's costumes: £10 per week
  • Accessories: £1 - £10 per week
  • Bulk hire discounts available

There is a minimum deposit of £30 for the first three items and an additional £10 per item after that. This can be paid for with cash or cheque at the time of collection, or can be collected from your card after the hire if forfeit. Should hired items be returned late, altered (without prior consent), damaged or soiled*, the hirer's deposit will not be returned and the value of either cleaning, repairing or replacing the item will be charged to the hirer. The cost of replacing, repairing or cleaning hired items can be estimated by the wardrobe staff before you hire. The Wardrobe team can tell you which items are machine washable and will expect all washable items to be returned clean and dry.

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