Publicity for your event


Promoting Your Event

Events can be listed for free online in the "What's On" section of our website. To do this we need...

  • The name of the event
  • The name of the organisation responsible for the event
  • Any relevant web address / twitter feed / facebook page or other contact details users will need to know in order to engage with, or find out more about your event.
  • The date, start time and cost of attending the event
  • A description of the event (excluding the above information)
  • A JPG image to illustrate the event. Without this we can simply use a picture of the space you have hired. Please ensure you have permission for us to use any image you provide.

Images / Artwork / Illustrations

  • Brochure Image: Square 80mm x 80mm (945 x 945 pixels), min 300dpi
  • Website Image1 : Rectangle 725px (wide) x 300px (high), min72dpi
  • Website Image 2; Square 110px x 110px min 72dpi

Please note

  • You are responsible for making sure you have permission from the image copyright holder to use the images or text you supply for any publicity. Any fines for misuse of copyrighted materials will be passed on to the hirer.
  • Images should (where possible) not include any overlaid text. In our brochures and online, all relevant information including the event title is shown adjacent to the image so will not need repeating. Text in images is also always legible in final reproduction.
  • If you can, use images showing people or faces. These are known to attract the eye when scanning listings / brochures etc.

Hillingdon Heritage and Culture Brochure

Events in Hillingdon can also be included the council's quarterly Heritage and Culture brochures, posted directly to residents on our mailing list, emailed to our list of email subscribers and distributed across council sites including theatres, museums, libraries and leisure centres. Please see our rate cards for current pricing.

  • Edition featuring events Jan-Mar - CONTRIBUTOR DEADLINE: 15 October, delivered early December
  • Edition featuring events Apr-Jun - CONTRIBUTOR DEADLINE: 15 January, delivered early March
  • Edition featuring events Jul-Sep - CONTRIBUTOR DEADLINE: 15 April, delivered early June
  • Edition featuring events Oct-Dec - CONTRIBUTOR DEADLINE: 15 July, delivered early September

Current and past season brochures

Social Media

Feel free to follow us and share details of forthcoming events with us on the socials:
Twitter: @Hill_Theatres
Instagram @hillingdontheatres

Posters / Flyers / Banners

Where using the Hillingdon Box Office, event planners are obliged by contract to include correct contact details for Hillingdon Box Office on any and all publicity for public performances. This includes both the Hillingdon Box Office telephone number (01895 250615) and web address ( These should appear at at least the same font size as any contact details provided for the client's own ticket sales routes.  If ticket buyers will be charged a booking fee if they book through an external box office, these must be detailed in your printed publicity. This is required to allow customers to be fully informed before choosing one of 2 routes to purchase, and is a ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority.


We can display posters / flyers in the following places by request;

  • The foyer of Winston Churchill Theatre - Posters (A4 only) and flyers
  • The foyer of Compass Theatre - Posters (A3 only) and flyers
  • The Manor Farm House - a limited area for flyer display
  • The Information Notice Board at Manor Farm - A5 flyers only

All flyers and posters should be left for the attention of Fjóla Stenning either at Winston Churchill or Compass Theatre. Whilst there is no cost for this service, we also cannot guarantee to be able to display all materials provided nor can we promise how quickly they can go up after delivery.

A suggested quantity of publicity material is as follows for shows at Compass Theatre:

  • 500 x A5 portrait flyers mainly for display at Compass Theatre, and a quantity for Winston Churchill Theatre
  • 10 x A3 posters for display at Compass Theatre
  • 2 x A4 posters for display at Winston Churchill Theatre

A suggested quantity of publicity material is as follows for shows at Winston Churchill Theatre:

  • 500 x A5 portrait flyers mainly for display at Compass Theatre, and a quantity for Winston Churchill Theatre
  • 6 x A4 posters for display at Winston Churchill Theatre
  • 3 x A3 posters for display at Compass Theatre


Venue hirers can book one of 5 possible spaces to hang a promotional banner on the fence, to the right of the Duck House on Bury Street south of the "Bury Street" sign, for a maximum period of two weeks per hire. There is no charge for this service. Requests to hang banners there should be sent by email to and should include the booking / hire number emailed to you with your booking AND the two-week period you want to put the banner up. We will then contact you to confirm, or suggest alternative dates where the requested dates aren't available.

Please note:

  • Only banners under 0.6 sqm (e.g. 1m x 60cm) in size can be hung on the fence.
  • Banners must be put up and taken down within the time booked
  • Banners must be fixed securely so that wind cannot blow the banner into the road.
  • All fixings must be trimmed and all trimmings removed to protect passers-by and wildlife.
  • In the past, banners have been removed by unknown parties without reason or warning. This area is not covered by the venue’s CCTV.

This is a currently a free, low maintenance publicity service that we want to continue to offer as best we can, particularly as it's the only space at Manor Farm where such banners can be hung, so we are grateful for your co-operation.

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