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Compass Theatre has a modern auditorium and stage (5.5 x 7.6 metres) equipped with a full range of technical facilities including lights, sound equipment, amplifiers, speakers etc. The stage also includes a large screen for showing films.

More information about specific technical provision can be found here Technical Info (Compass) | Hillingdon Theatres further information available from

The auditorium at Compass Theatre measures 11 x 11 metres and contains raked retractable seating for 158 patrons, with everyone guaranteed a clear view of the stage. There is also an option to set-up a cabaret seating layout allowing for smaller audiences of up to 80 patrons to be seated at tables.

The auditorium can also be used with the seating retracted for parties and ceremonies to accommodate up to 300 people standing.

Backstage are 2 dressing rooms with seating for 30 performers - approx. 20 in the larger and 10 in the smaller, depending on space required for costumes etc.   Both dressing rooms have showers and toilet facilities. There are also toilet and shower facilities for disabled performers and a backstage access lift from ground level to stage level.

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