Venue Hire Costs


LB Hillingdon Theatres - Community Hire Rates - Apr 2023-Mar 2024 - venue hire costs subsidised for producers of performing arts activity for the benefit of LB Hillingdon residents, on a non-profit basis.

LB Hillingdon Theatres - Social / Commercial Hire Rates - Apr 2023-Mar 2024 -  all other venue hire costs

All prices include VAT where applied, and rates are hourly, unless otherwise indicated. Hillingdon Resident Rates are applied where the hiring client's address is within the London Borough of Hillingdon. All hires are charged at the rates valid at the time the booking is made - even where the date of use falls in the following financial year.

Terms and Conditions of using an LB Hillingdon Arts Venue Space

Please ensure these are read and passed on to any relevant members of your group before confirming your hire. WARNING: an event may be stopped without warning if the venue hirer is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions;

Terms & Conditions of LB Hillingdon Arts Space Hire - revised 2023

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