Socially distanced performing arts classes for children return to Compass Theatre w/c 19 April 2021. The Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip and the Beck Theatre in Hayes remain closed until further notice.

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The Stage Is Yours


Musical Theatre Summer School Workshops

ProDuKtions have provided our Stage Is Yours workshops for ages 4 to 14, since 2013.  Participants work with an experienced Director, Choreographer and Musical Director, to rehearse songs, dramatic scenes and dances routines from hit West End and Broadway musicals. At the end of the week participants will perform what they've learned on stage in our 346 seat theatre.

For ages 7 to 14, there are two 5-day workshops to choose from (or come along to both!) Each workshop week features a different selection of West End and Broadway musicals. For ages 4-6, we host two, 2-day workshops. All ages perform in the show at the end of the week.

Our next Stage Is Yours is planned for Summer 2021.


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