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Talking Pictures Ltd offer Multi-Media Production services from initial concept development to production and final delivery.  Their professionally trained crews can film in many shooting styles, be it single or multi-camera, studio or location based.

They are experienced in developing scripts, working with professional actors to produce dramatisations and have created music videos, with visual effects that best capture and enhance the mood and genre of the track.
The company has also developed and produced engaging documentaries to support  educational and campaigning purposes, and they have produced live multi-camera productions at large venues, to fully integrated audio-visual installations as visitor experiences in museums, alongside offering video editing, dvd authoring, duplication, photography and print design.
They have an extensive range of broadcast quality HD video production equipment, some specialist equipment,  kept in excellent order, able to meet the most demanding production requirements. Their advice is free and they offer a no obligation consultation.
Contact 0845 6031474
In Court with QV

 Recent production shot in the Studio at Compass Theatre: 
 In Court with Queen Victoria  
featuring Jessica Ferriman, Tina Rath, Rian Pearl, Kushalpal Singh, Clive Keene,  Kate Sandison and Asif Dewan.  
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