In response to the government's guidance, the Compass and Winston Churchill Theatres will no longer be putting on shows until further notice.

We are currently refunding tickets to customers for shows until 30 April. We will contact customers in due course, so it will help if ticketholders don't try to call in. We will contact you.

Please await further news for shows from 1 May.

Some of our room hires will continue as normal, although many are disrupted. Contact your provider for more information in each case.

Compass Kidz is not currently running.

Blank Canvas Art Club


An inspiring art club for children and adults aged 6-106.

Children and adults alike learn about colour and texture, form and shape, scale and perspective plus many more art basics using different techniques and materials in a gorgeous studio at Manor Farm.
It's well known that art can help boost children’s confidence and self-esteem as well increase their problem-solving abilities and so much more. Each child is be encouraged to be themselves, to find their own style and hopefully have some fun along the way. These classes aim to leave your child with a love of art that will last a lifetime.
Adult classes provide some well earned creative “me time” in amongst our busy lives, allowing you to explore your creative side with Fine Art topics, methods and materials. Whether you are a complete beginner, someone refreshing your skills or a more established practioner, these informal, relaxed and supportive classes are for anyone who wants to join.
Contact Suzi Malik to reserve you or your child a place at their weekly term time classes or holiday workshops running regularly in Cart Shed 1, next to the Great Barn at Manor Farm in Ruislip. For more information contact;

Blank Canvas Art Club, Studio 1, Manor Farm, Bury Street, Ruislip HA4 7SU 
Tel:  07773 819 603
blank canvass art club
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