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Talking Pictures Ltd


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Media Training Courses - Now Available

Talking Pictures Ltd offer bespoke or regular group workshops or one to one lessons. Their tutors are industry practitioners all with college and university experience. All courses will be held at Compass Theatre.


Understand the use of narrative threads and how they interact. Use of subtext in character development and acting. You will explore key screenwriting principals as expressed in classic films, then apply these concepts to your own work.

Cost per person = 1 to 1 £15 an hour / Groups of 2-6 £10 an hour / Group of 7-10 £8 an hour

Working with Actors and Directing

Study key creative and technical skills that anchor the director's craft and provide the foundation for more advanced techniques. Work with professional actors, participate in moving camera exercises, work as a creative crew to mirror industry practice. 

Cost for this course, per person = Groups of 2-6 £20 an hour / Groups of 7-10 £15 an hour

Camera Operation

Understand technical requirements such as correct exposure, focal-length lenses and depth of field, but also how to utilise this knowledge in a creative and narrative sense.

Cost per person = 1 to 1 £15 an hour / Groups of 2-6 £10 an hour / Group of 7-10 £8 an hour


Learn the classic 3 point set up, hard and soft light, ratios, colour temperature, exposure, filters along with studio and location lighting and computer aided lighting to create mood and atmosphere.

Cost per person = 1 to 1 £15 an hour / Groups of 2-6 £10 an hour / Group of 7-10 £8 an hour

Sound Recording

Practical experience with digital recorders, shooting sound in synchronisation with picture, and the principles behind a full range of modern microphones, used on location and in the studio.

Cost per person = 1 to 1 £15 an hour / Groups of 2-6 £10 an hour / Group of 7-10 £8 an hour


Editing and re-purposing media for delivery. Organising and consolidating media. Assembling a basic sequence, creative and technical editing techniques. Compositing and using special effects.

Cost per person = 1 to 1 £15 an hour / Groups of 2-6 £10 an hour / Group of 7-10 £8 an hour


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Talking Pictures Ltd are in residence at Compass Theatre, and offer Multi-Media Production services from initial concept development to production and final delivery.  Their professionally trained crews can film in many shooting styles, be it single or multi-camera, studio or location based.  The company are experienced in developing scripts, working with professional actors to produce dramatisations and have created music videos, with visual effects that best capture and enhance the mood and genre of the track.

Talking Pictures have also developed and produced engaging documentaries to support  educational and campaigning purposes, and have produced live multi-camera productions at large venues, to fully integrated audio-visual installations as visitor experiences in museums, alongside offering video editing, DVD authoring, duplication, photography and print design.  They have an extensive range of broadcast quality HD video production equipment, some specialist equipment,  kept in excellent order, able to meet the most demanding production requirements. Their advice is free and they offer a no obligation consultation.


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