Compass Theatre, Ickenham have socially distanced classes, comedy nights in the gardens and theatre workshops planned for the summer holidays. The Sep-Dec 2021 season at Compass is growing but Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip will continue to serve as a vaccination site until further notice.

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Ticketing Your Event


Hillingdon Box Office sells tickets for all events at Compass Theatre as well as more and more for events at the Manor Farm Site’s Great Barn, Winston Churchill Theatre and other venues.


Your audience can book 24hrs online via a page dedicated to your show or event on our website, and / or a direct hyperlink link that you can email to your potential audiences or feature on your own website. There are no booking fees to pay and customers are sent an email confirming what they've booked and asking them to collect their tickets on the way in to see the show.

Over the phone...

Your audience can book by calling 01895 250615 10.30am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. There are no booking fees to pay when customers book over the telephone. Telephone bookers can choose their seats and have the option to either collect their tickets on the way in to see the show or pay an additional £1 to have them posted 2nd class, time allowing.

In person...

For events we are selling tickets for, we offer a full counter service between 10.30am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday and from 45 minutes before the start of the event. We offer a reservation service that can hold tickets unpaid in someone’s name for up to 5 working days (excluding the day of the show itself). All unpaid reservations are released on the day of the show for general sale. Unpaid reservations are offered at the discretion of the box office according to availability and demand.

Events not in Hillingdon Theatres' venues

We also offer this service to events in Hillingdon, not taking place in a Hillingdon Theatres' venue. For these we arrange a cut-off point with you, where advance booking stops and we hand over all pre-booked tickets awaiting collection to your own box office, so customers can collect from you on the door, and you can sell what ever tickets remain.

Going on sale…

To go on sale we need the following;

  • Title of event

  • Name of group presenting the event

  • Date/s and start time/s

  • Venue
  • Prices and any concessions to be offered*

  • A single line or phrase description of your event

  • A longer description of your event (excluding the information above)

  • A JPEG image to illustrate the event that you have all relevant permissions to use


You are not obliged to offer any concessions, offers or discounts.   Where offered, concessions commonly include discounts for those under 16s, over 60s, registered disabled, in full time education or job seekers.

What it will cost...

We take a commission (currently 8.7% + vat ) on the tickets we sell and any tickets we print off for you to sell yourselves, incur a small per ticket charge to cover the cost of ticket stock. There is a minimum charge for ticketing 'free' events. Within 2 to 3 weeks of your event finishing, your ticket income less commission and vat is then either returned to you by BACS or taken off any outstanding hire charges owed at the time.

Fjóla Stenning

Box Office and Audience Development Manager

Hillingdon Theatres

London Borough of Hillingdon

07930 268686

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