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Technical Information (Compass Theatre)


Main Information

NEW Equipment

Compass Theatre now owns an ETC IONxe with touch screen monitor for use by all hirers.
It is NOT to be removed from the control box.
If you wish to use your own lighting desk, then you will require to block out seats from sale to facilitate a table outside the control box.

Technical Information Pack

Plans and schematics


Other information and useful documentation

The pro-forma Risk Assessment is by no means comprehensive, but should give you starting points for what the type of thing we need you to risk assess for your show - please download the Risk Assessment Template, and fill it in accordingly to your shows activities.

Technical Requirements

For any show at the Compass Theatre, we need the Technical Requirements Form sent back to the Senior Technician no later than six weeks prior to your get-in date. This is to ensure that all licensing permissions are in place, and also to allow us to discuss any potential issues with you.

Please fill out the Technical Form online.

Things to note

Since the refurbishment of the theatre, the backstage lift has been overhauled to make it more DDA friendly. This has had the knock-on effect to make it impossible to use the lift to move the piano to stage level. If you do wish for the upright piano to be used on stage, then you will have to source the manpower or a specialist company to move it on (and off) the stage. Sorry - We do not have the resources to move it ourselves.

Our Christie DHD800 digital data projector is capable of HD images at full resolution of 1920 by 1080. The projector is twin lamped with an output of 8000 lumens at a contrast ratio of 7500:1. It is HDMI / DVI / VGA compatible.

HDMI input is provided from the Lighting/Control box located at the back of the auditorium at Compass for laptops / PC's etc, however for if you wish to run VGA or DVI to the projector, then you will need to bring your own cables.

The projector is capable of producing a full stage width image from the lighting bars above the auditorium, and with careful focussing of the stage lights, the projector can be used for the backdrops of your production.

The projector can also be used in conjunction with the 6.5m wide x 4m high projector screen that is situated on the audience side of the proscenium arch. Ideal for conference work, and cinema showings.

GUNS (firearms) on stage - clarification
As a venue we (Compass Theatre) need to know about the use of any type of gun (firearm) on stage (toy guns included), the only exception is wooden props. The main reason for this is to establish if we (Compass Theatre) need to gain permission for the use of the gun (firearm).

  • A gun (firearm) that is a plastic toy and is not to be used to fire anything (including the toy caps), we as the venue still need to be made aware of this, and make it clear on the technical return that it is a NON-FIRING toy; this will mean that we do not need specific permission to be granted.
  • If the gun is going to be used to fire blanks, or toy caps then we (Compass Theatre) must know about this a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the show so that if specific permission may be sought.

If you need any further technical details please email

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