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We are currently recruiting for Casual Duty Officers to be responsible for managing the public, buildings and assets during events. Find out more and how to apply here

Also, we are seeking Casual Theatre and Events Technicians responsible for running the technical aspects of our events, operating lighting, sound both in theatres and at outdoor events. Find out more and how to apply here

We are also recruiting VOLUNTEERS for the Autumn / Winter 2017 season. Please find out more by looking under the VOLUNTEER tab

Introduction to putting on a show


"we love performing at the Compass...everyone at the theatre was so helpful both in the initial planning and during the week of the show."

Hillingdon Musical Society Sep 2011 after their production of Godspell

Every year Hillingdon Theatres are host to shows by many local performers, whether for full theatre shows, concerts, dance school presentations, school plays, readings or interactive theatre. There's a lot of talent in and around Ickenham, and we're lucky to have so much of it performing here.

If you're interested in hiring us, check out the links below for the steps you would need to go through to produce a well-planned, well-publicised and safe show.

Getting started and making a booking > The lead up to your show > Ticketing your event > Publicity > Technical information > Your get in > Your performances

In this section we also have information you will need to know about Working with children | Copyright and Licensing | Insurance

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