Compass classes are carefully starting-up again but, for now our stage curtains remain closed.

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Getting started


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If you are interested in putting on a show at Compass Theatre, take a look through the information on the spaces, then contact our theatre booking line on 01895 277643.

Most shows use our auditorium, but we can also host performances in our studio, our café bar or even our large garden.

Once you are happy with the options and the prices, then do contact us to discuss availability. The full list of prices is available on the hire rate card page.

Our diary is currently open until 31 March 2015, and bookings can be accepted for any dates until then.

Our current rate cards apply until 31 March 2014, and are likely to increase after that. We can give you indicative prices for the 14-15 year, but the full rates will not be published until February 2013 when the council approves them.

If you need to, you can arrange a viewing of our performance spaces.

Once you have a provisional booking, we will send you a contract to confirm all the details.

Next, you'll need to send us some forms

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