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Poet David


Alone at home way before lockdown, David Wakefield from Cowley, finds expressing himself through poetry provides great benefit to his state of mind.

He can be found mixing tunes and rhymes from his living room - with "with no added sugar", under the name Vigilant Verse UK.

David / Vigilant Verse UK

Cathartic Magic, August 2021

A musical man cathartic magician, love to express as that's my mission, the past has past, the present is here, my life will not be ruled by fear, at times I can't solve but I can evolve, learn to adapt with a story told, poetry is my survival, with no such thing as a rival.

Feelings, Jan 2021

Woke up, found an angel in my bed
Then I thought back to the words that you said
You taught me lessons to copy with depression
Beat around the bush there was no second guessing
Feeling good, walking tall like I should
Things I couldn’t do you made me feel like I could
Under your wing I began to sing
I was wounded and you took away the sting
Took away the pain nearly drove me insane
First it was loss then I began to gain
It’s a hard life. Everyone has their price
But it doesn’t cost much just to be nice
The words are clever, warm like good weather
Like day by day we can do it together
Keep the friends close and the enemies closer
As I remain still, like a picture on a poster.

Brothers in Arms (a story of hope and faith), Jan 2021

My name is David and when things get bad, I tell myself “there are always others worse off” (no choice)

Xmas day I received a card by mail from a guy called “Andy”, well-wishing, asking if I was OK? Then new year’s day I received a txt message with contact details saying he was my brother!

I have been alone since age 12 after losing my family to cancer/suicides leaving me traumatised and having to cope alone. (with severe low moods) I’m now 45 years old and I replied to the txt/email and was sent a picture and sent my picture in return. When I saw the picture, it was like looking in the mirror to my surprise to say the least!

I was born in Hemel Hempstead in 1975 and Andy lives in Hemel Hempstead and is hard of hearing, as were my parents. I grew up blessed with being able to hear OK and the irony was my parents were music teachers even though both wore hearing aids and now I write poetry / music / DJ etc.

Not only was I blessed with being able to hear OK, I also grew up with lip-reading and was taught all aspects of music by my parents. A legacy of sorts.

Myself and my brother are now in contact regularly and with my lipreading / sign language / txt messages etc it feels like we were never apart even though we just met. Andy is also interested in the “Arts” (photography)

I’ve never felt this “sensation” of the love of a brother and I feel warm and very few words describe the feeling?

Andy is older than me and left home before I lost my family … but now I have a brother who shares interests / looks and Andy finds it easier to communicate with me due to being raised with lipreading / sign etc.

I feel blessed. Amazing – all this during such hard times.

Now I have a brother that feels as if he was always there and I was left with the family legacy of music/arts interests and I have been published in many mental health publications and have captive audience of 250,000 + on social media (music/poetry)

In less than a week I was blessed with a caring brother who is glad he found me due to my poetry.

My faith is restored, I feel loved and Andy is my special trusted close friend and we both need each other.  I can’t get close to describing the Feeling, but my Faith is restored and as I always tell myself

There are always others worse off

Now I have a new refreshing lust to live + positive progress. All this in such testing times.

I am blessed!

Cathartic Light

Don’t pretend to transcend, I did in the end
Full recovery, on the mend
Not always good but still what I make it.
All so fragile a smile could break it
I care even more.
The page is pure
Found a path of that I’m sure
Write to feel better
A humble trend-setter
A light at the end
So, I go and get her.

Imperial Observation of Human Nature

Not a people person or rhyme with a verse in
nature of some just hate and cursing
won’t keep up if I were asleep
encourage and grow my gain and keep
I am a human but I can’t grasp
push for the win but I wish I was last
run the distance to keep up persistence
don’t like mine I shine in the distance.

Partisan for the Artisan 2020

Paraphrasing – real not amazing
Read in the book I tend to spend days in
Most enemies pretend to be friends
Much to begin but lead to no ends
Start to attack lead me off track
Choose to ignore instead of look back
No time to whine I focus on mine
Things I take serious are not online.

Let Me Be, Jan 2021

Empathic in the front and centre
Always knock before I enter
Progressive speech without a mentor
Subliminal light the middle of winter
Don't see rays but feel the heat
Not about victory or the defeat
Bear fruit for all
I hear the call
All I have is standing tall
Funny or not
Cold or hot
Try to forget the things I forgot
Tied in a knot I still break free
Pragmatic mind will let me be.

Pen is a Piston, Feb 2021

My soul is deep
I bruise like a peach
Holding things I could never reach
No superhuman
It doesn't need proving
Live with catharsis
and keep it moving
Maybe the best to happen in years?
Done are the ways
of hopes and fears
I shed tears for
those not here
Pen is a piston
Write upper gear.

I Still Walk Without the (c) March 2021

Emotions a-plenty
My pen floats gently
Left me feeling empty
The will to write
Was all but gone
My own work
Just didn't belong
Sign your life away
I didn't want to play
I just write as I
Fight for today
Cold to touch
I don't say that much
I still walk with a
pen for a crutch.


by David Wakefield

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