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This is me, Zoe


My sand dollar  My Red Guide to Dorset  My programme from BBC Proms Sherlock Holmes concert  Mug ft photo from my production of Ladykillers  My goofy toy

1)  A sand dollar

I picked up this sand dollar shell on a beautiful deserted beach very early in the morning of a 'special' birthday.  Hard to find and very fragile, I thought it was really magical and lucky to just pick one up as we walked along the shore.  There is a legend linked to the sand dollar, it is supposed to be symbolic and linked to Christianity, but to me it is just a very frail and lovely shell and will always remind me of the sun rising over the beach on a peaceful tropical island in the sun.

2) Red Guide to Dorset

This is a lovely old book bought in a book sale at Uxbridge Library many years ago.  It is the 1979 edition of Ward Lock's Guide to Dorset. Packed with history and quirky facts, it accompanied me on our family holidays to Dorset for many, many years.  It is not the type of guide that gives you admission prices or opening hours - we have the Internet for that - but old black and white pics and fascinating facts to tempt you to explore.

3) Sherlock... and the Proms!

What could be better? An excellent concert linked with a classic series of books!  I have been going to the Proms since I was a teenager when I used to queue all day outside the Royal Albert Hall with my friends. We couldn't afford a seat, so when the doors finally opened, we'd run as fast as we could to get that coveted position in the arena, right at the front and as near to the orchestra as possible. We then stood all through the performance.  It was such fun and I heard so much music for next to nothing!

4) The Ladykillers

I have been involved in theatre all my life and love performing, directing, working backstage, sourcing costumes and furniture... basically anything and everything to do with putting on a show.  I love seeing a play emerge literally from 'page to stage', making the printed word come alive.  I directed The Ladykillers for Ruislip Dramatic Society at the Compass Theatre in 2015 and it was one of my most challenging, but also most rewarding, productions.

5) Goofy

I have always been a fan of Disney from the time I watched Disney films as a child and read all the books, to being lucky enough to visit Disneyworld when I was quite grown up!  I have great sympathy with Goofy, a bit clumsy and funny but good-natured, laid back and very loveable. Pictured here with my 'Up' Adventure Book because, like Mr Fredrickson in the movie, you are never too old to follow your spirit of adventure!

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