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This Is Me: Kathleen


Kathleen's wedding bouquet  Cruise Ship Azura  Toy Gondolier Dog  Souvenirs from Arctic cruise  Souvenir from St Petersburg

Kathleen turned 80 in December 2020 and has been fortunate enough visit many countries on cruises since retirement. These are her the items that she chose for her THIS IS ME collection.

1) Bridal bouquet; My wedding bouquet (2nd wedding) thank God it was artificial! Still as good as new (like me!) from 19 October 1996 at Uxbridge registry office, Civic Centre at 24 years old.

2) Model of the cruise ship, Azura;  This epitomizes the 32 cruises we have enjoyed. Especially the Strictly Come Dancing cruise to the Med in 2018 on on this ship - the Azura.

3) Stuffed gondolier dog; A souvenir from Venice - my favourite city in the world. Many fond memories of our 4 visits on cruises. 

4) Stuffed seal and husky dog; Souvenirs providing fond memories from our cruise to the Arctic

5) Souvenir model of St Basil's cathedral in St Petersburg; Our Saga cruise on Saga Rose, Saga Ruby, Saga Sapphire and Pearl. Spirit of Adventure were amazing.

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