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This is me, Fjola


5 things that tell my Hillingdon Story;

My little Icelandic flag  Framed photo of LCD's Rooster  My festival wellies My Fjoladoodle diary bag  My pill caddy

1) This little flag has been in my home for ages. It goes on birthday cakes and Christmas trees and remonds me of my Icelandic heritage.

2) This photo in my hall is of former LCD's 1991 production of Christopher Bruce's Rooster, danced to music by the Rolling Stones ft Darshan Singh Bhuller. I've invited and welcomed audiences to the theatre for 30 years and I miss it.  I wish I'd seen more when I still could.

3) These wellies have danced happily round many a muddy festival fields. Their presence in my hall remind me there's no 2020 festivals - but they're just too cheerful to put away.

4) I doodle on canvas bags for fun. I started this in 2019 as doodle diary; each line expresses something going on at the time.

5) Finally, this pill caddy is not treasured or unique, but a necessary part of my daily life - something I still have to be reminded of, twice a day.

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