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This is me, Emma


my Bird by Bird book my Oyster and Kingston University library cards my porcelain cats the ruler with added Margaret Atwood Penguins with note

1) At one point in my life, 'Bird by Bird' went everywhere with me and got thrown in a few suitcases. It is shamefully highlighted, youthful mistakes were made. It was the first book that really spoke to me about the writing process. It's a funny and heartfelt book; it helped me develop as a writer and feel understood in a way I hadn't felt before.

2) The Oyster card and Kingston University library card are from when I moved to the London area from Nottinghamshire to go to university. It's 10 years ago when I made the decision to move and it's one of the best choices I've made.

3) The porcelain cat figurines were given to me by a family friend, who taught me for my dyslexia/dyspraxia. She was the first adult to see my potential and didn't write me off. It makes me see how far I've come in my life - also it's cats. I love those.

4) The ruler is about my love of literature. It was given to me by one of my best friends, who added Margaret Atwood's name to it. She, like a few of my friends, has endured many Margaret Atwood conversations. Did you know I wrote my dissertation on Margaret Atwood? Yes, then you've clearly met me.

5) The penguins are about an inside joke with friends - don't ask. We entered a writing challenge that barred use of penguins. It represents the closeness and humour, which I share with friends. Also a board game rivalry that's literally spun at least 1 decade.

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