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This is me, Emma F


Emma F's This Is Me collection

The ceramic cat is an object I felt inexplicably drawn to in a charity shop, which I think of as a sort of poppet or familiar. I call him Jonas after the cat in Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

The silver locket belonged to my mother. As well as being a beautiful object, reminds me of the many times as a child I would ask if I could look inside my mother’s jewellery box, a white box full of treasures and trinkets. Her father bought this for her, and I wear it on days I feel I need a little extra strength (I magpie many silver pieces over the years from that box, with permission).

The linen lavender bag sits beside my bed next to a vial of lavender oil. This forms an important part of the ritual of sleep. The lavender scent soothes and helps prepare me for my often-futile attempts at seeking the elusive sleep.

The blue chiffon scarf, with its winding pattern of Datura flowers, was my grandmother's. When clearing out her bungalow after she died, I kept two scarves, both blue and floral, as well as her old wooden box of dominoes. The scarf still smells like her, though it might be more of an imagined scent, a memory, a haunting. I wear it to events such as poetry readings and book launches.

I had wanted a nice copy of Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market and Other Poems for some time – I am a poet and, therefore, a lover of poetry, with a penchant for magical, feminist works.  I came across this gorgeous little volume from 1913 in the basement of one of the old antique bookshops on Charing Cross Road and was surprised and pleased to find that it was only £3.

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