Compass Theatre's classes plan a return from 12 April 2021, hopefully followed in the summer by performances on stage. The Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip and the Beck Theatre in Hayes remain closed until further notice.

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Theatres: Tea Dance, a play


Kathleen Day from Ruislip has written lots of poetry in lockdown.

I've spoken to Kathleen often over the last year, after she and phoned up the Box Office offering to write something of her memories for Hillingdon Stories.

In talking about her life, family, friends and work in the borough, and all the things we really missed, I learned Kathleen was a keen fan of BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing, the thriller movies they show on Channel 5 in the afternoons, going on cruises and the Tea Dances at our Winston Churchill Theatre, Ruislip (currently a Covid-19 Vaccination site).

She missed them a lot and told me about how those Tea Dancers she new were doing, about those she knew but didn't have numbers for, and how those that had passed away since were lost. We imagined what it would take before she could safely come back and hug and dance with all her Tea Dance friends again and in doing so, Kathleen described the characters in her memories so fondly, I asked had she ever written a play. She hadn't - only poetry so far, but I suggested she imagine how the conversations might go when they were all together again.  Inspired, Kathleen was determined to have a go before turning 80 in December 2020.

Having enjoyed the process, Kathleen has now posted the finished play to add to the Hillingdon Stories collection.  Now back at the poetry she is now selling her self-published book of poems for charity.

As soon as is safe to do so, we here at Hillingdon's theatres want to see; Kathleen and friends back on our dancefloor, our volunteers and casual staff back being busy while our regular performers go back up on our stages in front of our seats packed full of happy, applauding people. I've imagined Kathleen's play happening - I've imagined which of our volunteers could play which roles, but it needs help.  Can you help?


I'm proposing another community theatre project, similar to Compass Theatre's 50th anniversary production of Hans, the Witch and the Gobbin, in 2018 - only this time with an original script, developed together, produced by Hillingdon Theatres and performed by volunteers.  Tickets would be cheap and help support Friends of Ickenham Hall.

Looking for a creative writing challenge? Help get this to the next stage; email or call 01895 250615 to get involved.

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