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Poet Kathleen


My Memories of Hillingdon

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I bless the day I moved from north to south,

I was never happy in Cockermouth.
The Lake District was wet - it rained so much
I longed for a life with a sunnier touch.

Ruislip seemed the ideal place,
Near to the Lido with lots of space.
We watched the water skiers skim the lake
And knew we'd find many photos to take.
The Riverside Health Club was a boon,
More exercise I'd be having soon.

My job as a home tutor in Hillingdon was the perfect career,
In children's homes and hospitals, with Harefield so near,
My pupil Mary had a heart transplant at the age of fourteen,
With her brilliant surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub on the scene.
Her operation went well and after 35 years her story I can tell.

Hillingdon has Heathrow airport and so many amazing delights
The Beck and Compass theatres, museums, cinemas and flights.
The Pavilions and Intu centres are great for shopping
And 8 stations around for lots of tube hopping.

Tea Dances for pleasure each day of the week
A great place to meet friends every day of the week.
The Lido has a lovely beach and an outdoor gym,
Guaranteed to keep you slim!

With fountains and a miniature train,
Always great fun in the sun or the rain.
We count our blessings every day
For now and forever in Ruislip we'll stay.

Kathleen Day, June 2020

Hopes for 2021

This year we hope for an end to Covid-19
The deadliest virus we’ve ever seen!
We all need the vaccine as soon as we can
To see relatives and friends after the ban
We all need lots of hugs and kisses
For these are what our family misses
Video calls are not the same
We’re all so desperate to meet again
We all want to go shopping and on buses and trains
And see our hairdressers with our trendy long manes
Our normal lives we want to share
In the gym, the spa and everywhere
To enjoy a meal when the daylight dims
To go to church and sing some hymns
To cinemas to see some films once more
And visit theatres like we did before
We missed our holidays in March and May
Covid restrictions were here to stay
Our Saga cruise we now can choose
For precious time we must not lose

by Kathleen Day

Kathleen Xmas


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