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Vigilant Verse UK


Alone at home way before lockdown, David Wakefield from Cowley, finds expressing himself through poetry provides great benefit to his state of mind. He can be found mixing tunes and rhymes from his living room - with "with no added sugar", under the name Vigilant Verse UK.

David / Vigilant Verse UK

Cathartic Light

Don’t pretend to transcend, I did in the end

Full recovery, on the mend

Not always good but still what I make it.

All so fragile a smile could break it

I care even more.

The page is pure

Found a path of that I’m sure

Write to feel better

A humble trend-setter

A light at the end

So, I go and get her.


Imperial Observation of Human Nature

Not a people person or rhyme with a verse in

nature of some just hate and cursing

won’t keep up if I were asleep

encourage and grow my gain and keep

I am a human but I can’t grasp

push for the win but I wish I was last

run the distance to keep up persistence

don’t like mine I shine in the distance.


Partisan for the Artisan 2020

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