Compass Theatre's classes plan a return from 12 April 2021, hopefully followed in the summer by performances on stage. The Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip and the Beck Theatre in Hayes remain closed until further notice.

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Sarah T's Story


I live in Eastcote with my husband and two young children, aged 5 and 2.  My husband has been working at home though the pandemic and as a teacher I have been working on a rotation shift in school, although back in work now.

Here are some pictures taken in lockdown;

My daughter home learning from her Reception class and both daughters painting rainbows

Sarah Thompson 6 Sarah Thompson - painting rainbows

Finding shelters in Ruislip Woods (we didn’t build ourselves!)

Sarah - found shelter in the woods Sarah Thompson - shelter found in the woods

Getting ready for VE Day celebrations and celebrating my birthday via zoom

Sarah Thompson - preparing for VE day  Sarah Thompson - Birthday zoom

Chalk artwork on the Pembroke Park estate (we didn't do it!) and my daughters at a school friend's 5th birthday party on zoom

Sarah Thompson 5 Sarah Thompson 3

A mystery Easter egg donation on our street. We found out that it was from a local NHS worker, who’s little girl enjoyed looking at our rainbows and toys in the window - we put different toys in the windows each week for people to look at on their daily walks.

Sarah Thompson 4 Sarah Thompson 2

Shared by Sarah Thompson.


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