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Queen's Address + Dancing in Lockdown


The Queen's Address and Dancing in Lockdown

Lucia Liana and Livia shown on the Queens Address  Report in Daily Mail - Queen Addresses the Nation 5 April 2020

The highlight of our lockdown has been appearing in the Queen's Address to the Nation on 5th April 2020.  My 3 daughters; Lucia 10, Liana 8 and Livia 5, who attend Sacred Heart school in Ruislip, were shown on the broadcast - holding the rainbow pictures they had created. Their photo was also printed in the Daily Mail the following day.

My daughters attend the Maria Anderson School of Dance in Ruislip, who's 91 year old founder - Miss Maria Anderson herself, still plays a very active role in the school. Miss Maria has been isolating and in order to keep her spirits high in this distressing time, the dance teachers used a Whatsapp group to set weekly challenges for their pupils.

One such challenge was to make up a song, poem or rap. All entries were viewed and adjudicated by Miss. Maria and we were delighted our entry The G Family Rap won first place. It is a rap highlighting my children's love of dancing and how they have been impacted by coronavirus. They are missing their favourite hobby.

These have been great highs in an otherwise distressing and worrying time.

The Maria Anderson School of Dance has asked me to share these videos on their behalf. (link to videos to follow) One highlights the saga of the toilet roll shortage at the beginning of the lockdown, another is a gallery of the dance students and a song, written and performed by Lisa Shepherd, Miss. Maria Anderson's granddaughter, who also teaches at the school.


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