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Art in Lockdown - Nicola Bedenham


Life in Lockdown - Frithwood Primary, Jasmine  Life in Lockdown, Frithwood Primary #1  Life in Lockdown - Frithwood Primary #2  Life in Lockdown - Frithwood Primary #3

Nicola Bedenham's brother and his Turning 50 painting for Grayson Perry's Art Club  My mum socially distancing in her garden - Nicola Bedenham  When my cat jumped on my shoulder - Nicola Bedenham

Nicola Bedenham teaches art at Frithwood Primary School. She worked throughout the pandemic supporting key worker children and setting online art projects for the whole school do to at home.

It was lovely to have email contact with them and they sent me pictures their work (below).  The children have done so much amazing art, including rainbows on windows, famous fantasy lockdown party guests and much more ​but my favourite was the Covid-19 comic strip.  The project was part of their home school learning during the pandemic, focusing on Pop Art and the comic book style of Roy Lichtenstein. The title was ‘Life in Lockdown’ for all of them. The children went into year 6 in September 2020 but did the work when in year 5 aged 9 and 10.  

I have had a very creative time and loved working with my keyworker bubble. It was the last day today for me at school and it feels strange not saying goodbye to all the children like normal.  

I also created lots of artwork myself about lockdown relating to things that happened. My brother who has learning difficulties and paranoid personality disorder turned 50 during the pandemic and I made him a party of famous people from cardboard. After watching Grayson Perry’s tv show called Art Club. I painted a picture of him holding his painting. He loved it. I also completed a children’s book about our life in childhood called I Am Fabulous (available on Amazon) to help support part of the new P.S.H.E curriculum from September.

I have also included the painting of my brother, when my cat jumped on my shoulder when I was taking photos in my garden and my mum socially distancing in her garden with her mask on. 

Nicola Bedenham

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