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Our son's life in Lockdown


We are a married couple with a 1 year old son.  Through hiss eyes, here's what life was like before and after lockdown.


  • Monday - Nursery
  • Tuesday - Nursery
  • Wednesday - Pajama Day + video call from Grandparents in Ireland + visit Nana's house
  • Thursday - Bear Club at Uxbridge Library + lunch with Daddy at Miller's Tap
  • Friday - Baby Explorers at Oakfarm Library
  • Saturday - Home and play
  • Sunday - Mass at Church then play all day

Daddy works Monday to Friday, Mummy works Monday and Tuesday.


  • Monday - Home and play
  • Tuesday - Home and play
  • Wednesday - Home and play + video call from Grandparents in Ireland
  • Thursday - Home and play
  • Friday - Home and play + video call with Nanna
  • Saturday - Home and play + video call from Grandparents in Ireland
  • Sunday - Watch churc mass online at home and play

Mummy and Daddy at home all the time.

Exercise is a few turns of the garden (I just learned to walk during the lockdown!) and Mummy had to celebrate her 40th Birthday in lockdown. We were going to go to the Harry Potter experience, then on a UK holiday but couldn't go. Daddy made it special by making a cake and doing a treasure hunt for her present instead.   A couple of my friends from Friday playgroup had birthdays during lockdown, their parties were cancelled and we're going to celebrate later.  It's not all bad though; Mummy and Daddy made me a cardboard playhouse and a car. Mummy's been cooking a lot more.

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