Compass Theatre's classes plan a return from 12 April 2021, hopefully followed in the summer by performances on stage. The Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip and the Beck Theatre in Hayes remain closed until further notice.

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Covid Stories


Help us document the pandemic

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on daily life. We have seen communities come together and families forced apart. Hillingdon is no different. The museums and performing arts team want to capture evidence of this unique time from local residents and workers - to help future generations understand the impact coronavirus has had on our local area.

What we are looking for doesn't have to be positive - it just has to be real.

Examples of what you can add to the collection

  • Paintings of rainbows in windows
  • A written account of how life changed for you
  • Photos of working from home, stockpiling, social distancing (or not) and empty streets
  • Local businesses closing or limited custom
  • Raising money for charity
  • Making things in lockdown
  • An NHS worker's experience
  • Home schooling lessons
  • The impact on your home
  • Delivering to the vulnerable

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