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Artist NU Shei


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I am an artist from Uxbridge, who grew up in Hayes, of Mozambican Portuguese heritage.  As a child, during summer I’d go to Portugal with my parents where they sold African Artefacts.  I've carried those memories and inspiration of that craftsmanship with me ever since; from drawing comical characters at the back of class, hoping to impress fellow students, to creating man-sized statement artworks for galleries and homes.  

In 2019 began a new project; Love Conquers All - characterising the expression of love against masked personas.  By lockdown, 2020 this became a collection and, with all that was going on in the world, it was great to develop the idea further.  Along the way, pieces that didn't quite fit were given to local homeless charity, to offer in their second-hand furniture shop in Uxbridge. This is a cause is I’ve supported before, to bring art, as well as much-needed furniture into homes for the recently homeless. Determined to share art with more people in the borough, I discovered the Hillingdon Story project, run by the borough’s Museum and Theatre services during lockdown. 

Through sharing my stories, perspectives and values in my work, I believe life only has meaning when lived with purpose, that art can bring understanding of each other's circumstances, and so more love into the world.  The comic illustrations I loved growing up have inspired this collection which also now carries my experience of this place and time.

Exhibition: Cow Byre Gallery at Manor Farm, Tue 24 - Sat 28 August, 2021

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