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at The Great Barn
The London premier and 75th performance of Witch! by Tracey Norman

Thomas Latimer has accused his destitute neighbour Margery Scrope of witchcraft. Local landowner/magistrate Sir William Tyrell summons the two of them in order to discuss Latimer's evidence and decide whether the case should proceed to trial.
Does Latimer really believe that Margery is a witch, or has he a darker purpose? Is Margery guilty - and, if so, of what? And will Sir William agree with Latimer or dismiss the accusation as a mere neighbourly squabble?

Based on a real court case from 1687 Lyme Regis, this production from Circle of Spears, written by Tracey Norman is about witch trials that contains neither a trial nor any witchcraft. Instead, it focuses on the human story behind such accusations.

The performance takes place in the Great Barn, Manor Farm in Ruislip.

There will be a Q&A session after the performance, where the audience will have the chance to discuss the issues the play raises, look at copies of the original 1687 witness evidence which inspired the show, and chat to the cast and writer.

Suitable for age 11+ (for comprehension).
Performance running time 50 minutes following by Q&A.

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Wednesday 30 October, 2019 at
All Tickets - £7.50
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