Hillingdon Culture presents
The Producers (Dementia Friendly Screening)

at Compass Theatre
The Producers (Dementia Friendly Screening)
Cinemas can provide a powerful way to reconnect with memories, yet aren’t always accessible to people with dementia. We are delighted to present a series of dementia friendly film screenings in a safe and relaxed environment.
We invite those living with dementia to come and enjoy a film in our relaxed surroundings. The screenings will be tailored to make you feel comfortable and safe, with the house lights remaining on low, the option to sing, talk or dance throughout the film, plenty of clear signage, a chill-out space and our friendly ushers will be on hand to help at all times.
The Producers is a film of the musical, released in 1968, directed by Mel Brooks and starring Gene Wilder.
Down-on-his-luck theatrical producer Max Bialystock is forced to romance rich old ladies to finance his efforts. When timid accountant Leo Bloom reviews Max's accounting books, the two hit upon a way to make a fortune by producing a sure-fire flop. The play which is to be their gold mine? Springtime for Hitler.

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Thursday 14 November, 2019 at
Full Price - £4.00
carer - £0.00
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