Proscenium presents
The Memory of Water

- at Compass Theatre
The Memory of Water
a poignant, often hilarious but strangely unnerving play

UPDATE Jan 2022: Proscenium have moved this production from January to May 2022.

After years of separation three sisters return to the family’s Yorkshire home for their mother’s funeral. As they revisit their past it becomes clear that their memories are both subjective and unreliable, exposing hidden lies, self-betrayal and personal, unresolved crises.
Their mother’s death impacts on the sisters in different ways but each is forced to face unsettling and often poignant home truths that challenge their current lifestyles and ambitions.

Proscenium presents this warm, well-observed, often hilarious but strangely unnerving play at Compass Theatre.

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Show Times

Wednesday 18 May, 2022 at
Tickets - £14.00
Thursday 19 May, 2022 at
Tickets - £14.00
Friday 20 May, 2022 at
Tickets - £14.00
Saturday 21 May, 2022 at
Tickets - £14.00
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