Share A Memory

at Uxbridge Library
Share A Memory
part of Hillingdon's Art in Action 2018 season

Show and tell us your favourite memories. Residents are invited to bring along a picture, ornament, piece of writing or any other object with special meaning, to this two-hour event at Uxbridge Library and share their memories with others over a cup of coffee.

The event is FREE to attend and no tickets need be booked - however - to plan timings, if you're bringing along something to share, please let the Library know in advance. You can contact them by email or telephone 01895 250714

This event is part of Hillingdon's Arts In Action 2018 season, which runs from Wednesday 20 June until to Sunday 15 July. Browse the rest of the season and find out more at

Supported by Hillingdon Arts Association


Show Times

Friday 6 July, 2018 at
FREE PLACES Booked in Advance - £0.00
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