Hillingdon Theatres' Volunteers and Staff presents
Readthrough of Hans, The Witch and the Gobbin

at Compass Studio
Readthrough of Hans, The Witch and the Gobbin

Volunteers and staff at Compass Theatre are trying to put on a revival production of the 1st play ever performed on the theatre's stage, 50 years ago.

The play, Hans, The Witch and the Gobbin was written by Alan Cullen, an actor and writer held in very high regard by many, including Sir Ian McKellen and Alan Ayckbourn, particularly for the plays he wrote to be enjoyed by children.  The play was first performed at the Library Theatre in Manchester, ten years before Compass Theatre was built. From December 1967 to February 1968, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre ran the play with a young Michael Gambon in the cast. Later that year, the people responsible for building, what was then known as Ickenham Youth Theatre, decided that Hans, The Witch and the Gobbin would be the first production in this new community theatre.

The play is a charming and funny play, with 3 acts and a prologue.  You can read a synopsis of the story here.

There are 13 parts in total;

  • Hans, a romantic, young medical student enjoying a picnic lunch in the Royal Park.
  • Gob, a hungry gobbin (*much like a goblin, only larger and more gormless)  hoping to share the picnic.
  • Alicia, the nineteen year old Princess, whose memories have been stolen.
  • Castor, a Royal Physician tasked with curing the Princess
  • Senna, another Royal Physician, also tasked with curing the Princess
  • Rufus, the King and Alicia's worried father
  • Scratch, the King's secretary and Mrs Crabtree's nephew
  • Daisy, the Witch
  • Mrs Hypatia Crabtree, an accredited Witch-Hunter
  • Sylvester, a swineherd who works for the Queen of the Forest
  • Hank, a pig
  • Hunk, another pig
  • The Queen of the Forest

If you would like to take a part, or help out somehow, please join us for an informal read-through of the script on Saturday 21 April, at 2pm in the Studio at Compass Theatre.

As space in the studio is limited, we are asking those interested to register that you're coming along by booking a free place at the read-through, via the box office (not available online) by calling 01895 250615 or emailing boxoffice@hgfl.org.uk

If you are interested in helping with the project but you can't make it to the read-through, please email fstenning@hillingdon.gov.uk detailing how you'd like to be involved.


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