1968-2018 Your Memories


We invite those with memories of the last 50 years of Compass Theatre to get in touch with anecdotes, fond memories and pictures of time spent at Compass Theatre.

An exhibition is planned for July 2018, and we will also share online.

Sara and Sally's recollection of Compass Theatre's early days...

My friend and I can remember back in probably between 1968 and 1970, we were around 13-15 years old and belonged to the theatre's drama group, and performed in an Old Time Music Hall show.  We remember singing songs such as; Keep Young and Beautiful, The Umbrella Man - and the best one was The Lambeth Walk!

At the time we lived in and attending Bourne Secondary School in Southbourne Gardens, Eastcote and remember going by train from Ruislip Manor to Ickenham Station, then walking to the theatre. 

Happy Birthday Ickenham Youth / Compass Theatre!  




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