In response to the government's guidance, the Compass and Winston Churchill Theatres will no longer be putting on shows until further notice.

We are currently refunding tickets to customers for shows until 30 April. We will contact customers in due course, so it will help if ticketholders don't try to call in. We will contact you.

Please await further news for shows from 1 May.

Some of our room hires will continue as normal, although many are disrupted. Contact your provider for more information in each case.

Compass Kidz is not currently running.

Cow Byre Exhibitions


If you have booked a week or fortnight's exhibition at the Cow Byre, this is where you can fill in the forms that finalise your booking with us.

Alternatively, if you don't yet have a booking for the Cow Byre, you can apply for dates from the first Monday in April each year for the following year (i.e. you can apply in April 2014 for dates April 2015-2016). Established hirers are able to apply from February instead.

The Cow Byre is a very affordable and therefore very popular exhibition space, so dates do go very quickly. If you don't yet have a booking please contact us on our bookings line on 01895 277643 (Mon-Fri daytimes) or emailing us on

To fill in each of these forms, you will need to have your booking number to hand.

As soon as you have your provisional booking...

Click here to accept the terms and conditions
Your booking is not confirmed until we have this acceptance.

As soon as you know ...

Click to share with us the Public Information about your exhibition
Please fill this in as soon as you know what your exhibition is called and the opening times, so we can share this with the public. As early as possible is ideal.

A few days before your exhibition opens...

Click if you need help creating an exhibition risk assessment
A risk assessment is needed for your exhibition before you start your set-up. If you prefer to use your own format of risk assessment, please send this by email to

A few days after your exhibition closes...

Click to complete your attendance and sales report
This must be filled in within a week of the end of your exhibition.

Click to give us your feedback
This will help us improve our services for the future

If your contact details go out of date...

Click here to update your Contact Details
Please fill this in if we don't already have your contact details, or if your contacts have changed since your last booking.

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